To Friendship…

There have been times when I was down in the dumps.

When the roads I drove on were full of bumps.

There have been times when I needed someone to lift me up.

When I wanted to share a chat over a tea cup.

There have been times I needed a shoulder to cry on.

When I felt the night will never break into a dawn.

For all those days, for all those times.

You were there with me, my partner of many crimes.

Can’t thank you enough my mate, my friend.

It’s because of you life’s been going on, despite all the bends.


The Science of Humour

A good sense of humour is nothing but a consensus of thought pre decided by a bunch of like minded weird people. That’s why we find some people’s sense of humour as weird because they are some other kind of weird than ours. And that’s exactly why each one of us laughs at different jokes with different people at different points of time in our lives. Now I would never wonder why retelling a situational joke never sounds funny at all, even to my own ears. Humour is simply a scientific unit completely dependent on time, space, company and your state of mind. But that doesn’t give us reason enough to laugh any less. It rather gives us reason enough to be with the right kind of people who are wired as weirdly as we are. Find time to be with them. It’ll do you some serious good!

When we are going to end up having wrinkles anyway, let the laugh lines be the deepest.

Five Nursery Rhymes to keep your kids away from

We were a generation of children who learnt just any nursery rhyme and flaunted it whenever guests came over. Those were the times when the mere power of memory was chosen over real learning. The times have changed quite a but, but not for all of us. We still have so many kids around who’ve memorised some nonsense in the name of nursery rhymes which doesn’t make them learn anything worthwhile. This post is to make parents of our age aware of some rhymes and know why to stay away from them.

Johnny Johnny

Why was this even a nursery rhyme? I keep wondering who created this. The father is asking his son Johnny if he’s eaten sugar and the son simply says no, but the father still makes him open his mouth to check. Well, if this is what our kids are learning when they are young, they would have trust issues with their parents later.

Humpty Dumpty

Poor Humpty Dumpty was an egg who fell and broke. Now the whole world came to put him back together but failed. According to me the underlying learning here is teaching children not to take risks else they will fall hard and break. And that’ll be the end of their world. They’ll never try anything new or bruise a knee or two. Or are we teaching them that once an egg breaks, we can’t put it back together? If that’s the case then let them break some real eggs to check rather than cornering poor Humpty Dumpty.

Little Miss Muffet

This little girl is sitting outdoors and relishing something she likes while an innocent spider comes by and sits beside her which scares her away. End of story. But why? If we really had to teach the kids that Muffet rhymes with tuffet and whey with away, was there not another creative way of doing so? Why do we have to scare them early on with a spider or any other creature? I would choose Incy Wincy spider any day over this as it teaches them perseverance.

Hush-a-bye Baby

The poem starts with a beautiful setup of a cradle on a tree branch with a baby sleeping peacefully in it. Superb start! But there comes a strong hush of wind which cracks the branch bringing down the cradle and the baby. The end. I mean was a sadist writing that children’s rhyme? Is it even safe to read such horrendous stories to kids? They’ll never climb trees ever because they’ll always picture themselves crashing down with the wind.

Jack and Jill

There’s this brother sister duo who are going up the hill to fetch water. Firstly, one has to go downhill and not uphill to fetch water for the simple fact that the water table is down below and not higher up. Anyway, that’s just the scientific part which occurred to me in passing. While getting the bucket of water, Jack falls and breaks his head while Jill comes tumbling down. Do we really have to make kids learn about these freaky accidents? They’ll never run errands for us or take ownership of any job as they might come tumbling down like Jill or break their crown like Jack.

My list is quite long, but I’ll rest my case with five of these for now. This forum is open for debate and I would love to have another brighter perspective to these nursery rhymes. So please don’t hesitate in contradicting if you feel otherwise.

Our ‘One’der is Two!

We wonder when your sleepy grin turned into that meaningful smile.

We wonder how fast you’ve grown when we kept watching you all this while.

We wonder how the wobbly walk is now a skip and a jump.

We wonder who is this big boy now who used to be a tiny lump.

We wonder how all the “coos” and “goos” are now the words you speak.

We wonder how you explore your world and all that you seek.

We wonder when you notice us and try to do as we do.

We wonder how in the blink of an eye our little boy is two!

My Take on a Growth Mindset

It seems that growth mindset is the talk of the town, the city and the globe right now! Everyone is talking about it, especially educational leaders. Institutions are holding sessions with their teachers to make them understand and implement this concept in their work lives in the least, if not their personal lives. In a nutshell, this big term simply means what the late great Stephen Hawking had put into simple words “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. Truly, you can’t move forward if you are standing, for that matter even stagnant water starts stinking! Until you take that proverbial leap of faith, you won’t know what’s further beyond. And that’s the reason why every part of our bodies can be measured, but our minds. That’s because it’s the only dynamic part of us which keeps growing when we learn or unlearn, try something new or move out of our comfort zones. Simply put, when we are ready to change.

We can’t change the situation, other people, the times, the world but we can definitely bring about the change in ourselves.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi here, “Be the change that you wish to see in this world”, it’s YOU and you alone who can bring about a change around you. Do that bit. Take that little extra step. Model change in self, and others around you will definitely follow. Well, even if they don’t, don’t lose heart because you know you are improvising yourself and hence leading on to the quintessential path of a growth mindset.

Idealistic as it may sound, it’s doable and you can sense it’s happening. So, start introspecting what’s it that you can begin with today?

The Nest

When I look at my two year old grinning at me, showing all his drool and new teeth, simply saying that my heart melts is truly an understatement. Every time he does something new, we celebrate with all our hearts. I look at him and wish he stays this small forever, a baby forever for us to enjoy with. I’m sure every parent feels the same, but while reflecting on this thought I had a realisation today. That wishing they always stay small and young and dependent on us is just a selfish thought. We get selfish because we want them forever to keep. We want to cuddle them, wrap their little fingers around ours and walk with them, feed them with our hands and tell them stories. We want to go on doing this just for the sheer joy it brings us. Little do we realise that they are not for ours to keep, they are our responsibility just for a little while. They can stay hidden under our wings until they grow a set of their own. We can’t hold on to them forever. We can delay it perhaps, but no we can’t deny it. Like we flew out of our parents’ nest, they will too one day. Like our parents watch us soaring and feel proud, we will too one day. And that’s how life comes around a full circle. It’s hard but true that children grow up and man, they grow fast! But until they are small nurture them, spend time with them, nourish their wings with strength. And when it’s time, hard as it may seem, let them take the flight…

My Son: My Sun

It’s that what dims the light of the sun.

That which makes the moon a little less bright.

Which soothes my nerves better than the coming and going of waves.

Which melts my heart more than watching a cat suckle her kittens.

That which makes me skip a beat more than going through an old picture album.

Makes me more proud than earning a promotion.

Makes me soften from head to toe, and within.

And that’s your angelic smile, my son.

I hope and pray that God gives me the strength and faith to keep it strong till I am bodily around, and beyond.